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Welcome to Worthy Education Academy, where we believe in the transformative power of words. In the competitive business age, effective communication is the key to success.

Content writing is a skill that has profound usage in virtually all businesses; hence, it holds the lever to scale your enterprise to the next level.

Our objective is to empower businesses with the art of digital content writing.

Enroll in our virtual training programs today and equip yourself with the skills to craft impactful and persuasive narratives that captivate your audience.

By joining our digital content writing programs, you embark on a journey beyond traditional education; it’s a pathway to developing the writer within you and enhancing your brand’s communication, fostering customer engagement, and ultimately driving business success.

Your content writing journey begins here at Worthy Education Academy. Check our content training section for more details on upcoming training batches.

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Kartikay Ungrish : Content Strategy and Business Coach
Worthy Financial Services - by Kartikay Ungrish

Worthy Financial Services - your partner in securing your financial future!

As we immerse you in impactful communication, we’d like to introduce our sister enterprise, Worthy Financial Services. Committed to providing comprehensive financial solutions, Worthy Financial Services is a beacon of trust and reliability in the financial industry.

From mutual funds to corporate fixed deposits and bonds and life, health, and vehicle insurance, we offer diverse investment avenues and a comprehensive range of insurance products tailored to your unique financial goals and security needs.

As an AMFI-licensed mutual fund distributor (ARN-276810/Kartikay Ungrish), we take pride in simplifying wealth creation through strategic mutual fund investments. Your financial well-being is our priority, and with Worthy Financial Services, you gain a partner dedicated to securing your future.

Explore the possibilities, make informed choices, and let us pave the way to financial prosperity together. Drop us an email at info@worthymba.com or fill out a quick query form. We will address all your investment-related concerns and questions.

Our Mission Statement:

WorthyMBA.com’s mission is to empower individuals on their journey to personal and professional excellence. We are committed to providing top-notch education and financial services through our two branches – Worthy Education Academy and Worthy Financial Services. We are working to cultivate a culture of continuous learning and financial empowerment, enabling our clients to achieve their aspirations confidently and resiliently.

Our Vision Statement:

WorthyMBA.com envisions a future where everyone can access high-quality education and financial services that propel them toward success. We aim to be the leading platform for holistic development, recognized for our innovative digital content writing training at Worthy Education Academy and exceptional financial planning services at Worthy Financial Services. Through cutting-edge solutions, we strive to build a community of empowered individuals who realize their potential and contribute meaningfully to society’s progress.

"Education is the key to prosperity and smart investing makes prosperity lasting and sustainable!"

Kartikay Ungrish's Academic Credentials

UGC NET Qualified Assistant Professor of Management

First Class Regular MBA (Marketing & IT) with CGPA 8.05.

Bachelor degree in Internet Science from Kurukshetra University (2003)

6 months capstone project-based Specialization certificate in Content Strategy from reputed Northwestern University, USA.

2 months project-based certificate in Foundations of E-commerce from reputed NTU Singapore with distinction (84%).

Certified in Impactful Brand creation from Manipal Global.

Certified in a Business Strategy from Manipal Global.

Certified in Financial and Management Accounting from Manipal Global.

Certified in Cyber security – The Essential Challenge for Digital Transformation from Open SAP

Certified in Leadership in Digital Transformation from Open SAP

Certified Six Sigma Green belt from British Standard Institute (BSI).

Kartikay Ungrish's Training Credentials

I’m a UGC NET-qualified assistant professor of management, a certified content strategist, and a corporate trainer with extensive experience. I’ve taught thousands of students and professionals from diverse industries.

Whether you’re an academician, school teacher, lecturer, researcher, college student, senior manager, or entrepreneur, I can help you enhance your digital content writing, content strategy, marketing & entrepreneurship skills.

I offer customized virtual training sessions and regular digital content writing foundation training batches. Groups can avail of discounted packages.

Visit my LinkedIn profile for more details. Join my extensive network of 6,000+ professionals on LinkedIn. My trainees have given me 65+ recommendations for the quality of my classes and teaching faculties. I look forward to training you, too

Did a 4 day workshop on Digital Content Writing with Kartikay Ungrish. He was very knowledgeable and articulate during the workshop. Highly recommend this training.
Kartikay Ungrish has in-depth knowledge of Content Strategy. The tips shared by him are coming handy in my career. Highly recommended for budding content writers and corporates alike.
Recommends Kartikay Ungrish
Rohit Grover
Senior Marketing specialist at sunson Energy
Kartikay is a thorough going professional whose expertise and acumen are invaluable for the industry. His knowledge and guidance have helped many aspirants realize their true potential. His technological skills have clarified many grey areas for us. He has demonstrated exceptional people handling skills and established a rapport with many as friend , teacher and guide. We were lucky to have him as our' guru.
Recommendation for Kartikay Ungrish
Anita Chandra
Senior Content Writer and editor
It was one of the best decisions of my life to attend the content writing classes under the guidance of Kartikay sir. He has complete knowledge about what he is teaching and has an amazing way to deliver that knowledge to his students. Apart from the course module, he told us about many things that have proven quite useful to me in the past few months. His way of teaching is so much fun and engaging at the same time. I genuinely miss attending those classes. Thankful to Kartikay sir for imparting all that knowledge.
Recommended Kartikay Ungrish
Mansha Bhatia
When I joined the Digital Content Writing Course, I was quite sceptical and apprehensive about my transformation from a teacher to a student, and more so because of the diversified group of people with whom I would have to interact at different levels of training. But all credit goes to Mr. Kartikay Ungrish, our trainer, who not only ensured sustained interests of each one of us throughout the period of training but also made the sessions extremely friendly and entertaining. He adopted a simple teaching methodology, dealing with complex issues through examples from real life situations that made significant value addition to the course content. His command over the subject matter soon made us realise that, over the years, he has been able carve a niche for himself in the digital domain by the sheer dint of his dedication and commitment.

He is extremely articulate and focussed and has the ability to make complex concepts easy and simple. Keeping everyone alert in long sessions lasting from morning till evening reflects his capacity to meaningfully reach out to a diverse heterogeneous group with varied interests and areas of specialisation. His constant connect with the group was a result of his simple and friendly nature and his receptivity to the concerns of each and every member of the group.He is undoubtedly an excellent trainer and motivator who would be an asset for any organisation/institution, as far as digital content writing, designing, strategy and marketing are concerned. I am sure he would go a long way in the digital world, setting newer benchmarks for himself and establishing himself as a brand.
Recommends Kartikay Ungrish
Dr. Nadeem Mohsin, Ph.D. (Economics)
Professor and Freelance Development Sector Consultant
It has been a privilege to attend digital content writing classes under the able guidance of Mr. Kartikay Ungrish. His lectures were proof enough of his vast knowledge in the subject as he went out of the way in providing valuable inputs and tips beyond the scope of the general course material. This also attributed to his noteworthy popularity among his students. His easy demeanour and patience in dealing with the queries of the students is exemplary. Last but not the least, the witty inclusion of a pinch of subtle humour once in a while by him during the class went a long way in making the class reverberate with more enthusiasm and creativity. My sincere gratitude and thanks to him for all the support that he provided me during the classes. I wish him success in all his future endeavours.
Recommends Kartikay Ungrish
Arunima Ghosh
Procurement/Contracts at UNICEF, UN Women, British Council and currently in Ernst & Young.
I feel privileged to for having a Digital Content Writing course having Kartikay as faculty. It was a great learning experience as Kartikay also shared his great experience with the best practices prevalent in Content strategy and marketing besides covering concepts relating to content flow, tone & strategy. I particularly like Kartikay's approach to explaining theoretical concepts with his focuses more on practical implementation through exercises.Kartikay's wide knowledge on the subject, structured methodology and clarity in thoughts and patience made these sessions a great learning experience. I would highly recommend Kartikay and wish him all the best!
Recommends Kartikay Ungrish
Dr Ashok Kumar Verma
MEP Building Services, Asset & Facility Mgt, Tech Due Diligence, Audit, Visiting Faculty, Content Writing
I was part of a comprehensive corporate training session that Kartikay took for us on Digital Content Writing. This was a great learning experience as Kartikay not only brought together the best practices prevalent in Content marketing but also shared his great experience about the same. Many small concepts relating to content flow, tone & strategy were covered very well. I particularly like Kartikay's pedagogy where he focuses more on practical implementation through exercises in addition to explaining theoretical concepts.Kartikay's clarity in thoughts, patience, wide knowledge on the subject & structured methodology made these sessions a great learning experience. I would highly recommend Kartikay and wish him all the best!
Recommends Kartikay Ungrish
Shobhit Gupta
Marketing @ IBM | Product & Content Marketing | Digital Marketing
In my time as a student of Kartikay Ungrish, I found that not only does he posses in depth knowledge in his domain, his commitment to us, his students, was really commendable. Kartikay used his peripheral vision extensively to forge a relationship with the class. We were an extremely varied group in our fields, ages and experiences. He constantly correlated theory and practice and demonstrated to us the best methods and efficient techniques to follow. In a subject that can confuse with jargon, Kartikay spoke a language that we could understand and often hand held people with their individual queries. Wonderful teacher and motivator! It was indeed an enriching experience to be taught by Kartikay Ungrish.
Recommends Kartikay Ungrish
Nilendu Sen
Creative Director/Content Producer & Writer, Television And Electronic Media​
Sir has been really patient with me, for all my questions and doubts when he was teaching content writing. He connected with me so naturally when it came to explaining things in detail, or wherever I got stuck. He has been a great mentor, an awesome teacher and a very humble human being. Thank you so much Kartikay Ungrish sir, for the guidance you provided. It means a lot.
Recommends Kartikay Ungrish
Chitra Sharma
Senior Copywriter at mamaearth
A very knowledgeable trainer. He has a good grasp on the subject matter. I liked his teaching style and the way he handled the queries from students. I would definitely recommend him as a trainer.
Recommends Kartikay Ungrish
Indralekha Reddy​
Marketing Executive at digitaltrust technologies pvt ltd
A very nice trainer with understanding of the participants and concepts that he trains on. He is also the best when it comes to dealing with inquiry from a student. Keep it Up....I surely would recommend him for excellent training
Recommends Kartikay Ungrish
Jasher Ruah
Entrepreneur, Corporate Trainer, Life Coach with 12+ years of experience in ITES, NGO, CSR and Training
When I signed up for 'digital content writing' classes under Mr. Kartikay Ungrish, I wasn't sure what to expect. I came to realize that he is a learned senior industry professional with extensive experience in content writing, strategy and marketing. Apart from being a natural leader and a brilliant trainer, he is also an intellectual. Not only did I learn about content writing and marketing, but he also taught us about philosophy behind various marketing strategies. I will always be thankful.
Recommends Kartikay Ungrish
bikramjit sharma
certified digital content writer
Excellency at its best. Got the opportunity to get trained by a professional like him. Sir has been a constant motivator for the entire batch. I enjoyed his effortless teaching style. Thank you so much for the guidance you provided. I would definitely like to recommend him for excellent training. Cheers!
Recommends Kartikay Ungrish
Khushboo Khera
certified digital content writer | M.com | B.com(H)
When I was thinking of doing content writer course, I was worried about the trainer. The reason behind my anxiety is that professional trainer only concentrate on completion of course not on student's queries but after attending classes of Kartikay Sir, my perception towards professional trainer changed. Sir, you have provided me strength and confidence to write more and more. To become a content writer was my dream and you made my dream comes true. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your regular guidance.
Recommends Kartikay Ungrish
Nishtha Kumari
digital marketer | Growth hacker
I had the opportunity to attend Kartikey sir's class on Digital Content Writing recently. And I must say it had been one of my greatest experiences in recent years. Kartikey sir is one the finest trainers I have ever met. He made sure that every student in the mixed batch was able to grasp the concepts. His examples, quotes and anecdotes made the session really interesting. His vast knowledge in the field of digital content writing was truly insightful. He guided me in understanding my core writing style that helped me create the blog I always wanted to put together. I am certain his training will help me achieve my goals in the field of writing.
Content strategy trainee
Swati Sharma
Freelancer 3D Artist
It's rare to come across standout talents like Kartikay Sir. His ability to simplify the syllabus and making it more understandable is excellent. Apart from the syllabus Sir also shares some relevant information which makes lecture more interesting for CDCW students. Knowledge shared by him is of great value. Therefore, I highly recommend learning from Mr. Kartikay Ungrish if you ever have a chance.
content strategy trainee
Kanika Kapur
FIS Global Business Solutions India Private Limited
I have just attended two classes on Content Writing and am really impressed with his knowledge and expertise on various areas. He is always full energy and synergy. Continuously speaking for 8-10 hours is a skill in today's world. You discuss any topic and he can speak on that particular topic for hours. He is quite passionate about his profession and is delivering more than expected by students. I feel lucky after meeting him and studying under his guidance. Great man.
content strategy trainee
Satpal Gauba
Head - Global Mobility
'As a writer you should not judge, you should understand". - Ernest Hemmingway. Mr. Kartikay has an amazing wealth of knowledge in the field of marketing and content writing as well. He explains in an easily understandable way that helps the students. Moreover he shared with us more than what is included in the syllabus which is a quality of experts in their respective fields. I enjoyed his classes. His hard work and experiences could easily be seen in the way he covered each and every key points regarding Content writing. I highly recommend learning from Mr. Kartikay Ungrish if you ever have a chance to do so.
content strategy trainee
Sharmistha Das
Bachelor of Arts - BA at Sharda University
Because of you, I've come to love writing. You gave me the strength I needed to take the next steps toward my dream of writing. I'm so grateful you were my teacher. Thank you for emboldening me. Your positivity and encouragement brightened my days. You made me a better, more thoughtful, person. You gave me the confidence to dream big. You inspired me to begin this new chapter in my life. I couldn't have done it without you. You are the best teacher!
content strategy trainee
Aman Sachdeva
Easy day at Future retail ltd
" I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the lessons on digital content writing and feel they were very helpful in introducing new ideas and perspectives to my writing like transaction cost and bargaining cost. I am sure I will go back frequently to review them for reference during many of my future writing projects. Thanks again!"
Piyush Anand
Subject Matter Expert at American Express
"Knowledge on its own is nothing, but the application of useful knowledge, now that is powerful". Kartikay Ungrish is an ace at distinguishing what makes for useful knowledge and how to empower others in developing the skill. As a participant in the CDCW Course that he lead, I could understand the nuances of writing for the web. He is abreast with the latest developments in the field, has in-depth knowledge of it, and is clear and articulate in his expression.
content strategy trainee
Chandni angadi
Freelance Content Writer & editor
Kartikay is immensely knowledgeable and the ease with which he connects with his trainees is commendable. I had the opportunity to attend one of his workshops on Digital Content writing and was impressed with the wealth of knowledge he brings to the table. Well researched and a master of his subject, he has a knack of explaining the nuances of strategic content creation, in a very simple, easy to understand way, to a set of audience who are extremely varied.It was a richly engaging experience attending his sessions especially for useful knowledge imparted and how he empowered others in developing the skills. As a participant in the CDCW Course that he lead, I could understand the nuances of writing for the web. He is abreast with the latest developments in the field, has in-depth knowledge of it, and is clear and articulate in his expression.
Content strategy trainee
Rupali Srivastava
eGovernance; Capacity Building, Learning and development
Kartikay is brilliant in his field. His vast knowledge in how to create strategic digital content and to promote it online is very useful. His energy level is exceptional and his passion for his subject matter shows in his style of teaching.
Sound knowledge, excellent communication skills, and solid experience make Mr. Kartikay an exceptional trainer. As a member of the group attending the Certified Digital Content Writing course, I found his ability to reach out to each one of us, having varied capabilities, commendable. The class sessions were interesting, comprehensible, and relevant. I look forward to applying this knowledge to relevant work experiences. I wish Mr. Kartikay Ungrish the very best for all future endeavors.
content strategy trainee
Sanyogita Masaldan
Freelance Editor at College Core, Noida. CDCW qualified.
It would be impossible to count all the ways that you've helped me to polish my writing skills and I am lucky to get a guidance from such a mentor like up who helps me to shape my career in right path. Thank you so much for sharing the valued experience . It was really a great pleasure to meet you sir! Subject matter shows in his style of teaching.
content strategy trainee
Preksha Gupta
Entrepreneur at BizGurukul
Rather than calling him teacher or trainer, I would like to call him a Super-Trainer. He always shared with us most relevant information, knowledge and examples which is of great use. Above all, I loved his teaching method and would love to emulate ideas taught by him.Being a experienced content strategist, he has great knowledge of every tools and techniques which is a great asset for learners like us.
content strategy trainee
Umesh Prakash Tiwari
Deputy Manager || InsureTech || 8 years of Domain experience || Ex-Wiproite ||
“Let noble thoughts come from every side.” Mr. Kartikay Ungrish is very dynamic, prudent, devoting, has a scientific attitude and has wonderful knowledge with remarkable energy to speak. In spite of students’ queries, he has covered the entire syllabus honestly with the interesting classroom interaction.I would like to dedicate a couplet written by me to him: "करते राष्ट्र का नवनिर्माण, पैदा आत्मविश्वास रखते जब तक अंतिम श्वास, रखते जब तक अंतिम श्वास"All the best for his future endeavors…Stay blessed.
Mohabbat Afza
Mathematics Teacher at Delhi Directorate of Education with about 36 years of experience
An expert in the field of strategic content creation, Kartikay Ungrish was my mentor at Henry Harvin Education. An exceptional trainer, he is experienced, knowledgeable and articulate, always motivating students to give in their best. Excellent communication skills, well-presented ideas, practical tips, lively anecdotes, and other wide-ranging inputs that were not strictly confined to the prescribed course content reflected his domain expertise. His classes have been a highly rewarding and enriching experience for me.
Recommends Kartikay Ungrish
Seema Sahay
Career Security Coach; Author; Communications Consultant
Kartikay is a resourceful teacher, expert in his domain and dishing out effective practical tips for beginners. His vast academic and professional knowledge is of great use. Wishing him the best for his future.
content strategy trainee
Anupama I.
Mixed Methods UX Researcher . HCI . Psychology
Getting trained under such a highly qualified mentor is a bliss. Fully loaded with knowledge and experience yet so much down to earth is a rare combination which Mr. Kartikay is having. Dedication of his work is clearly seen in the style of his teaching and detangling knots of my doubts. Thank you sir for being there .
content strategy trainee
Richa Mishra
Freelance Writer
Mr. Kartikay, who is a treasure of knowledge and experience, we have taken full benefit from him. May GOD bless u bright future. Thank u, Sir.
content strategy trainee
Jainendra (kumar) Jain
Content Validator at Embibe
Kartikay is a brilliant mentor and a great motivator. He is intelligent with intellectual skills and vast knowledge. His teaching style is very practical and unique. He is my trainer at the Digital Content Writing course with Henry Harvin Education. I really enjoyed his classes. Learnt writing skills and digital marketing management concepts in an easy and lucid manner. I am lucky to have him as my mentor.
business and marketing trainee
Sanjay Rai Sharma
He has attained a great knowledge in the field of digital content strategy but most importantly, he knows what is relevant which is a rare quality. It was a pleasant experience.
Adam Lee
Business Funding Specialist. Helping business owners in the US get business loans. Certified Digital Content Writer. 6 Years of experience in client handling, sales, medical billing, banking, and collections.
I happen to attend Certified Digital Content Writer Course conducted by Henry Harvin Education. Mr. Kartikay Ungrish was our Trainer. I was amazed with the kind of varied experience he possesses in the field of digital marketing and content writing. Our batch comprised of mostly budding writers, from totally different background, but merely known to digital marketing. Kartikay Sir gave us detailed explanation of each things, starting from basics of writing to finer nuances of digital content writing, and creating a brand for ourselves on the online platform. Kartikay Sir has a great skill of sharing his experience and relating the same to practical lessons we need to learn for carving a niche for ourselves in the world of content writing. Thank You Sir for such valuable coaching!
Megha Suri
Senior Manager at EY
Mr. Kartikay is a very knowledgeable Content Strategist, his depth knowledge and wider experiences in his field like Content Creation and Digital Marketing is tremendous, how to setup an effective Blog and how it can be turned into an Efficient Business Model are my takeaways. I truly appreciate the hard work and his endless efforts, he makes for his Profession. Thank You very much Sir, for all your Guidance and Support.
Recommends Kartikay Ungrish
Mohit Gupta
Network Engineer at Millennium I-sys Solutions PVT LTD
Has an in depth knowledge on Digital Content Writing and imparted the same diligently.
content strategy trainee
Priyanka Jain
Product Owner || SAFe Practitioner || Cloud Enthusiast
It was an excellent opportunity to meet someone like Kartikay, a person with so much of experience and talent. I had the pleasure of attending his class and seeking good knowledge about Content Writing and content strategy. I was impressed the way he shared his experience and skills apart from the course. As a student and a Content writer I definitely recommend him
content strategy trainee
Niharika Chhetri
Travel Consultant
Kartikay is a well-read, curious individual and I recently had the pleasure of being his student in a Certified Digital Content Writing Course. His knowledge of the subject matter is immense and it wouldn't be a stretch if I called him an Expert on the same. His teaching style is quite unique and practically oriented, he prefers to give examples that in my opinion enhances the level of permeation of knowledge. Thank you for imparting and sharing your learning as well as observations with us.
content strategy trainee
Aparna Arya
Administration Manager at SHRM India
Kartikay is a wonderful trainer. He was my trainer at the Digital Content Writing course with Henry Harvin Education. He taught a very elaborate course very clearly but within a short period of 32 hours. Has a unique style of explaining concepts in a lucid manner. We really enjoyed his classes. Learnt application of management concepts in content writing in an easy manner
content strategy trainee
Hemalatha Ramasubramanian
Digital Content writer, PhD in management, Specialised in Applied Finance(IIM- C), B-School Faculty and trainer
It was indeed an honour to have met you and to have the opportunity to be taught by you for CDCW program. Mr Kartikay is absolutely thorough and very well qualified to deliver such a course. Mr Kartikay has wealth of knowledge and he is so enthusiastic to share much more that the course details in the material, not leaving the contents at all. Mr Kartikay is an ocean of knowledge in Digital world and is out there to guide you even out of the way. I very strongly recommend Mr Kartikay for top positions in the organisation of the future involved in Digital world. I am very proud to be his student. Good luck sir
content strategy trainee
Vijay Aggarwal
Master of Business Administration - Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies
I recently attended a Digital Content Writing program conducted by Kartikay. His immense knowledge and experience made this training a great learning experience. The best part of the training was that he was always open to sharing his knowledge and skills, which he has acquired over so many years of learning. Highly engaging sessions with lots of fun and practical learning. I thank him personally for conducting such great sessions and making this training program such a rich experience.
Recommends Kartikay Ungrish
Amitabh S.
PTE, IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GRE, GMAT. Certified Digital Content Writer (CDCW)
If I were to describe Mr. Kartikay Ungrish it would be "Reservoir of expert knowledge" ever flowing, enriching marketing aspirants in the digital content domain. I have been the part of his digital content writing sessions & my takeaway has been "To know how little you know, you need to know more." I feel privileged to have learned basics of content writing from him. His varied experience with different industries & vast subject knowledge which he shares during the class is surely an icing on the cake. It's a complete delight to be mentored by him.
Manisha Dixit
Head - Brand Promotions
An excellent mentor & a very good teacher. It was a pleasure meeting someone like him who possesses such a vast knowledge about content marketing strategy. Thank u sir for sharing your experience with us.
Proprietar/owner at A K METAL CO
It is so true that a mentor empowers a person to see the opportunities in the world. The mentor like Mr. Kartikay helps you to build opportunities around you. His commendable experience and the way he shares his hard work of years into simplest way for you to grasp, make him one of honorable and creditable teacher. Thank you for sharing your experiences and time to help students around you. This man is passionate about his work and that make him an eternal content strategist.
content strategy trainee
Raashika Sahdev
Content Writer
I had a pleasure meeting Kartikay Ungrish while on my journey to enhance my skills in content writing. He is dedicated to teach & educate his coworkers and clients through his deep knowledge on the subjects like digital marketing, content writing, and content writing strategies. He not only shares the best knowledge on the subject but also shares the practical aspect of it as well, which helped me to gain a better learning curve. As a trainer, he always shares the best advice and gives us the finest direction for our career which in return turns out to be a motivational factor. I would like to strongly recommend him.
content strategy trainee
Abhinav Gautam
Branding & Marketing Professional | Alliances | Events | Content Creator | ATL-BTL | Relationship Manager | Design|
I had amazing learning experience in Kartikay's content writing classes. His way of teaching was fun and interesting, technical areas were made easy to understand.....I strongly recommend writers who aspire to be successful in content writing field should take up Kartikay's classes. Adding his own lessons from the experiences he had is something you can't find in any other mentor.
content strategy trainee
Surbhi Jain
Certified Freelance content writer
An awesome teacher, perfect personality and I'm glad we are your students. Thank you for teaching us and guiding us so well that we are able to focus on our endeavors. Thank you so much!
Recommends Kartikay Ungrish
Tanpreet Kaur Narula
HR and Training|Pursuing PG Diploma in Training and Development |ISTD|
I recently attended Certified Digital Content Writer course under Mr. Kartikay Ungrish. He is simply amazing as a teacher. He brings his professional experience into teaching which makes it easy for the students to relate to the studies in a practical manner. Along with the teaching, he brings the career counseling to the table which is most difficult to get these days.
trained by Kartikay Ungrish
Sahil Pahwa
Event Operation Manager
I had attended 2 days' workshop at Henry Harvin in the guidance of Kartikay. After being present there, I got a ton of insights about Digital content writing. I immediately bagged 2 clients after finishing the course. I made a ton of improvement in my existing content strategy for my blogs and social media pages.I do recommend Kartikay as digital content strategist and trainer. He can play a key role to achieve desired results for individual career and success of the organization. Taking this opportunity on LinkedIn to Thank him and Wish him all the very Best in his endeavors.
Digital Content Strategy trainee
Samar Pahwa
Digital Marketing Consultant | SEO, SMM, PPC | 11 Years Exp. | Bloggers Outreach Specialist | Lead Generation Specialist
There are few trainers who enrich the learning by adding their own experience and knowledge. Kartikay is one such trainer. He enhanced the course by sharing the knowledge, he gathered through his experience over the time. I appreciate his reminding to write the notes. Could have lost those Golden points, hadn't they been noted down as many of them were from his experience and not available anywhere. Nowhere he limited himself in teaching, sharing and supporting. Taking this opportunity on LinkedIn to Thank him and Wish him all the very best in his endeavors.
Shilpi Agarwal
Technical Architect

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